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What We Do


Konzert organises choral workshops and events for choirs and other voice ensembles in Asia. Years of collaborating with world-renowned practitioners and adjudicators have provided us with the expertise and experience to help choirs choose and prepare for the event suited to their needs. Read about our annual events and choral workshops, or contact us for events solutions and queries.


To get a better sense of what we have been up to, follow Konzert's trail in the past decade, browse our gallery or watch footage from our previous festivals and competitions.

Choral workshops


At Konzert, we believe that it is through educational and enriching exchanges that cultural distinction and openness can be achieved. As educators and singers ourselves, we greatly appreciate the merits of working with external choral and voice specialists, experiencing their perspectives on conducting, repertoire and technique pedagogy.


Through musicianship skills training, workshops with good specialists provide unique learning experiences and can help choirs prepare for performance platforms such as the SYF Central Judging and overseas competitions. Our workshops are available in a number of settings:


- Session(s) with a choral or voice specialist in combined rehearsal
- Sectionals with a choral or voice specialist
- Exchange workshop with multiple choirs


These settings are flexible and Konzert can help you plan a workshop itinerary suitable to your needs. Contact us for more information about individual or exchange workshops.


Choral workshops and clinics have a significant place in our events - a cornerstone for value-added pedagogy for the chorister and educator. We also strongly encourage choirs to venture on to the global platform, where the learning and travelling experiences remain a cherished and memorable part of a chorister’s life.


International exposure for choirs


The international choral community is jam-packed with festivals and competitions set against stunning exotic backdrops that it can be a challenge deciding on an event a competition or festival to register for. However, choirs have varying levels of abilities and each choir has its personal ethos and goals. Performing on a competitive platform may not be a priority for some while others seek unique learning and travel


How do you reconcile your singers’ ages, abilities and experience with judging criteria, learning curves and travel plans? What are your best options after taking budget into account and what special considerations should be taken?


As Konzert is a firm supporter of education and cross-cultural exchanges, and we will be delighted to answer your queries and explore your banquet of options with you.


Konzert also hosts renowned festivals and workshops in the region. Visit our events page for more information or follow us on social media for the latest news!




Our first competition series began with A Voyage of Songs in 2003 to positive reception and in the following year, we introduced our first workshop series Jubilate. Over the years, our biannual events have garnered a reputation for quality and excellence, attracting specialists and choirs from around the world, many that have displayed exceptional performance standards. In 2012, Asia Cantate was unveiled as the new competition series which attracted more than 700 participants from the region. There are many exciting
collaborations to come – Look forward to Cantus Angelicus in 2015, our brand new specialized workshop series for children’s choirs!




Competition Series


A Voyage of Song

Our most successful running series established since 2003. With more than a decade of experience, AVOS has grown to become a prestigeous international competition, with the world's leading choral experts as adjudicators.


Asia Cantate

best performed piece of Asian choral music. A younger and exciting competition series that celebrates the music of Asia, with a special prize Voices of Asia dedicated to 




Workshop Series



Our longest running educational workshop series, we engage choral giants from all over the world to bring you the best eduational workshop experience through an intensive weekend of masterclasses, rehearsals, choral exchanges and performance.


Cantus Angelicus

Our specialist series on early education for children choirs. We bring on experienced clinicians to work with the younger age-groups to achieve  high artistic standards while having fun!


National Choral Conducting Seminar

First held in 2015, this seminar provides a focused approach to choral conducting as its main study. Conductors, student conductors and choir leaders have a chance to appraoch from another point of choral music making over a 3 day workshop.




Performance and Education Series


Singapore Choral Festival

Inaugurated during Singapore's 50th (2015) anniversary, the festival is a celebration of Singapore Choral Muscians  - composer's, conductor's and choir's uniqueness and talent in the arts scene. 


Festival of Songs

The first of its kind in Singapore, the festival ties in with London College of Music examination Board to academically assess choral performances and celebrate the accomplishments of otustanding choirs.


Drop us a message for more information or visit one of our event pages to download a



  • A Voyage of Songs: International Choral Festival

  • Jubilate: Festival of Choirs

  • Asia Cantate

  • Cantus Angelicus

  • Festival of Songs

  • Singapore Choral Festival

  • National Choral Conducting Seminar


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