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Cantus Angelicus

Children’s Choir Festival

Cantus Angelicus, which means 'Voices of Angels', is Asia's first ever choral festival for treble choirs. This festival is solely for choristers aged 12 and below. It was conceived with two major aims in mind, which are to raise the standard of choral singing among children, and to bring music to the community. Choirs participating in this festival will be introduced to quality repertoire, and will also be given specialized training by clinicians whose forte are in children's choirs. It is hoped that this festival will create a healthy respect for children's choirs as well as giving them opportunities to sing in some of the finest concert halls in this region.

Cantus Angelicus

Children's Choir Festival

2nd to 5th June 2015

Melaka, Malaysia



Registration for Cantus Angelicus 2015 is now closed.

International Clinicians

Robyn Lana

Susanna Saw

Cantus Angelicus 2015 - Malaysia


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