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Festival of Songs

London College of Music High Scorer Concert

Festival of Songs provides a platform for talented choirs to showcase their artistic achievements. Choirs who have attained the Distinction award are invited to perform in this gala-concert. Choirs and conductors can take the London College of Music Examinations.


This series of concerts seek to encourage choral higher-education by examinations and promote choral arts through the performance of outstanding accomplishments. 

Prof. John Howard



London College of Music Exminations

London College of Music

University of West London

Ensemble exams play a significant role in music performance, and I would like to congratulate all the students for doing their best during the recent LCM Ensemble Exams in March 2015. They have displayed their ability and achieved their potential in gaining a Dictinction qualitifcation through excellent teamwork.


The conductors have worked hard with the groups, training each one to their fullest potential. With the individual certificates bearing each performer's name and school, this level of recgonition and achivement will motivate them further.


I would like to acknowledge the success of all students and conductors,and wish you all the best for the future.


Festival of Songs 2015


Distinction Award Choirs



Raffles Girl's Primary School Choir


Catholic High School Edward Becheras Choir


Chung Cheng High School (Main) Choir


Victoria School Choir


Nan Hua High School Choir


Anderson Junior College Choir


Tanjiong Katong Secodary School Choir




Conducting Awards 



Adyll Hardy

Associate Diploma in Conducting


Marcus Lee

Associate Diploma in Conducting


John Liau

Diploma in Conducting

Festival of Song 2015 - Singapore